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The concept of religious experience was used by Schleiermacher and by Albert Ritschl to defend religion against scientific and secular criticism and to defend the belief that moral and religious experiences justify religious beliefs. Cosmic consciousness bears similarity to Hegel 's Geist : [23] [24]. All this seems to force upon us an interpretation of Hegel that would understand his term "min" as some kind of cosmic consciousness; not, of course, a traditional conception of God as a being separate from the universe, but rather as something more akin to those eastern philosophies that insist that All is One.

According to Paul Marshall , a philosopher of religion, cosmic consciousness bears resemblances to some traditional pantheist beliefs. They include Erich Fromm , Robert S. Others who have used the concept of cosmic consciousness, as introduced by Bucke in , include Albert Einstein , Pierre Teilhard de Chardin , and Alan Watts.

Many of those who have used psychedelic drugs , such as LSD , Dimethyltryptamine and psilocybin , have said that they have experienced cosmic consciousness.

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Augustinian theodicy Best of all possible worlds Euthyphro dilemma Inconsistent triad Irenaean theodicy Natural evil Theodicy. Philosophers of religion.

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In popular culture New religious movements Academic study. Major religious groups and denominations 1. Zoroastrianism Yazidis Ossetian. Sindoism Cheondoism Jeungsanism. Miracles are everywhere around us. The everyday world becomes strange and miraculous. As for me I know nothing but miracles. Whitman sensed very powerfully that rather than be the end of our existence, death is actually a kind of liberation, a transition to a fuller and more blissful state. The bed is surrounded by weeping relatives, but as Whitman rests his hand on his friend he senses that he is preparing to leave his body and beginning to transcend his pain.

Strong thoughts fill you and confidence , you smile,. If Whitman truly perceived the quotidian as he portrayed it in his writings, his experience of life must have been extremely fascinating and almost unimaginably fulfilling. So many of us walk through the motions of the day-to-day like automatons, numb and dispassionate, wasting away the time we get to participate in the miracle of life like it's something that will just go on forever.

Cultivating an awareness like Whitman's is a truly worthy pursuit, and it amazes me that so many neglect to give this aspect of their existence the serious consideration that it deserves.

The wakefulness of Walt Whitman.

I want to read this book! I love Whitman's poetry, but this makes me want to read more about his philosophy. And wonder why more people aren't aware of these to me truths. Perhaps they just don't talk about them. I've experiences this so called 'Cosmic Consciousness', no doubt it was it, since description so bright and clear. Though only as an Peak experience, hence I was bound to fall back to ordinary state. Wonder how to make it permanent. So, indeed this is not sort of mambo-jambo but thing that really do exist.

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