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The benefit of using video to help promote and sell your book is that you can use powerful imagery to express the tone of your book.

How to make a book trailer video using Animaker? - Video Making and Marketing Blog

But with this great opportunity comes the risk of setting the wrong tone. One way to ensure you set the right tone is to rely on high-quality, professional photos, graphics, and videos. Knowing how to incorporate these elements takes an eye for design and knowledge of the latest trends and software, so consider hiring a professional.

If you want to be featured in your video, be aware of how you appear on camera, including what you wear, how you speak, and the location. If you wish to portray fictional characters from your story in your book trailer, hire professional actors. Good acting takes skill and practice. Also, fiction readers often enjoy creating their own images of the characters, so you may want to avoid images of characters altogether, unless they are already included in your book.

Along with imagery in video, audio also impacts the viewer. When you create a book trailer using mostly text and images, music can be the ingredient that pulls it all together and helps set the tone in your book trailer. Additionally, you may include voiceover in your video.

2. Write a killer Trailer Script

The key to an effective voiceover is not only what is said, but how it's said. Find the right voice for your book, whether the voice is dark, soothing, or energetic. You don't need to use your own voice. Voiceover, like acting, takes skill and expertise.

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Viewers know when someone's voice sounds natural or sounds like they are reading words from a script. When creating an effective book trailer don't overlook the importance of a call to action. The call to action should appear briefly at the end of the book trailer and direct the viewer to the next step.

In most cases, you want the viewer to purchase your book. Simply include a closing screen message briefly stating where to purchase the book such as "Available on Amazon. The last element of an effective book trailer is distribution, which is key to your video's visibility. Once you have your finished video, upload it to the major online video websites such as YouTube and Vimeo. Next, utilize your platform to increase the visibility of your video. Embed your video on your website and blog.

Share your video through social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

How to Make a Great Trailer for Your Ebook

Ask other bloggers and experts in your network to share your video or post it on their websites. Share a link to your video in an email to your list of contacts. The more places you can share your video, the more chances you have to capture the attention of readers and promote your book. Register and Subscribe. Site Search Sign In. Marketing Marketing.

More Cancel. The Graveyard Book. Download a storyboard template here.

10 Easy steps to create a book trailer

Think in sequential order. Where will you start? What will you tell next? Often, asking questions is a way to give a good hint. Use your storyboard as a guide and start making the movie. Add in the visuals first with photos, drawings, or video clips.

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The next step is to add in text, transitions, titles, and audio. After your make your movie, share it with your audience.

How to Make a Book Trailer: 6 Tips

Sometimes you will have to export your movie to a different format. There are many choices for your movie making — apps and desktop programs. Green Screen app. Movie Maker Windows. I love your site! I have found many new interesting things i can do to foster learning all in one place!