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Till in a low sweet voice the maiden spake;. And loved him simply for his human sake;. And that in heaven, wherefrom she took her birth,. They called her Poesy, the angel of the earth.

Drawing Poesy : Angel

When the glad morning-stars together sung,. My task hath been, beneath a mightier Power,. To keep the world forever fresh and young;. And nerve the will, and teach the wish to soar;. I am the voice of Freedom, and the sword. I know how far its tides should sink or swell,. The baby, and the breast its fingers grasp—. All griefs that hallow, and all joys that bless,. Love breathes its latest dreams, its earliest hints;. And flush them through and through with purple tints. Wherever Earth is fair, and Heaven looks down,. I woke those shadowy questionings that vex. Thy young mind, lost in its own cloud of thought,.

And rouse the soul they trouble and perplex;. I filled thy days with visions, and thy nights. Blessed with all sweetest sounds and fairy sights. The mysteries in which this life is hearsed;. Some doubts there be that, with some earthly woes,. By Death alone shall wholly be dispersed;.

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Thy soul shall pass beyond the stars to God. Thou shalt translate unto thy brother man;.

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And men shall bless the power that flings a ray. Upon their spirits, like bright cataracts. That front a sunrise; thou shalt hear them call. Which, if he feel, he craves not to be heard. For the poor boon of praise, or place, nor yet. Does the mere joy of song, as with the bird. Which is his heart, only for such relief. Lest, from the grave which hides a private grief,.

The spells of song call up some pallid wraith. Of varying hopes and fears, he still must brood;. Watches its own bright changes in the flood;. Self-reading, not self-loving—they are twain—. And sounding, while he mourns, the depths of pain. Oh, blessed are the pure! With a dazed vision: who have drawn most near. My shrine, have ever brought a spirit cased. In the dark struggle of this life, should take.

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Stains which he might not notice; he must flee. All for the Truth, assured that Truth alone. And he must front, and sometimes suffer wrong,. With brow unbent, and lip untaught to curl;. For wrath, and scorn, and pride, however just,. Should find, untouched in leaf and stem, and bright. As when it bloomed three thousand years ago.

Scarce worth the hiving, one or two dead leaves. I know not why, they withered. I have heard. Somewhere, of some dead monarch, from the tomb. Brought forth, that when the coffin was laid bare,. Was fleshless, yet one feature still remained. Perfect, or perfect seemed at least; the eyes.

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Gleamed for a second on the startled crowd,. Where it had lain so long, did seem, I thought,. Not wholly lifeless; but even while I gazed. To fix its features on my heart, and called. What further fell. In that lone forest nook, how much was taught,. How lived there, and how long, and when he passed. The tale hath perished from the earth; for here. The slender thread on which my song is strung.

That which had joined them in the dreaming brain;. But turn the page.

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In autumn when the first cool days are past;. But the mild hours are back, and at mid-noon,. The day hath all the genial warmth of June. What slender form lies stretched along the mound? Gray in its prime, those eyes that wander round. Listlessly, with a jaded glance that now. Seems to see nothing where it rests, and then.

The last fond love-notes of some faithless hand;. Thus with a transient interest, his weak grasp.

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Holds a few leaves as when of old he scanned. The meaning in their gold and crimson streaks,. But the sweet dream has vanished! And yet not long, if I should count by years,. And joy that cannot weep must sigh, must sigh. When, as the weeks sped by, I seemed to stand.

These leaves shall make my bed, and—for the hand. I know not which, that shape of love and light. Have I not taught, or striven to teach the right,. And kept my heart as clean, my life as sweet,. On fire with thee, amid the paths of men;. Once in my wanderings, my lone footsteps pressed. Down which its thunderous boom a cataract flung,.

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Of senseless things my friends; the clouds that burn. Above the sunset, and the flowers that shake. Their odors in the wind—these would not turn. The Victorian public was simply not used to seeing fictional and biblical characters presented as real flesh and blood on canvas. Nowhere are the intimate personal relationships that existed within the Pre-Raphaelites circle more obvious than in portraiture. Notice, for example, how often they draw their subjects from close to. Such physical proximity would not normally be possible had they been drawing hired models or paying clients.

Sometimes a drawing tells us as much about the artist as it does about his subject. In an enchanting pen-and-ink study, Rossetti shows himself posing for his lover Elizabeth Siddal. As Lizzy bends over her drawing with furious concentration, Rossetti slouches ungraciously, with his hands in his pockets and feet propped on a chair — impatient, fed up and irritated to have to sit still. Yet the drawing itself is evidence that he saw the humour in a situation in which the tables had been turned and the artist become the model.

In their poetic or imaginative subjects, what makes the early work of the Brotherhood so original is their interest in the depiction of heightened emotional states. The Pre-Raphaelites were also responsible for some of the greatest black-and-white illustrations ever made. The catalogue by Conor Cruise is first-class, the installation in the difficult temporary exhibition spaces at Birmingham clear and crisp.

Terms and Conditions. Style Book. Draw curved lines beneath the mouth to dimple the chin, and a short, curved line to form the nose. Draw the wings. Extend a long, curved line from the angel's hair on each side. Then, extend a series of overlapping, shorter curved lines from the tip of the long line. Repeat until the form of the wing is enclosed by the overlapping lines, meeting the hair or sleeve. Detail the wings with additional feathers.

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  • Do so by drawing a number of connected, "U" shaped lines in each. Draw a halo above the angel's head. Do so by drawing an oval within an oval. Click the icon or button below to view a printable PDF of this drawing guide. Leave a comment below or follow on Pinterest. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page.

    Good, cheap paper to draw on or a sketch pad to take with you on your travels. Bright, easy to blend colored pencils or cheaper oil pastels. Pencil set to practice drawing and shading together with a vinyl or kneaded eraser , and a sharpener. If you draw a lot with pencils, you could even get yourself an electric sharpener.

    Begin by drawing a circle to outline the angel's head. Beneath the circle, draw a curved line to outline the chin. Erase the guide lines from the face. Erase the guide lines from the head. Color your angel.

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