Seduce Me In Shadow (Doomsday Brethren)

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Seduce Me In Shadow : Shayla Black :

Possess Me at Midnight by Shayla Black series Doomsday Brethren 3 An apocalypse approaches in the new novel from bestselling author Shayla Black's electrifying Doomsday Brethren series, as a magical warrior and a spirited witch ignite a smoldering passion that could destroy them both. As a mysterious dark cloud drains the life of her beloved brother, Doomsday Brethren leader Bram, Sabelle Rion can think of little else.

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Still, every time she meets Ice Rykard's Will magic tear them apart? Read more 4. Read more 1. Connie Willis draws upon her understanding of the universalities of human nature to explore the ageless issues of evil, suffering and the indomitable will of the human spirit. For Kivrin, preparing an on-site study of one of the deadliest eras in humanity's history was as simple as Sure it must be communication from other TimeRiders agents, she sends Liam and the two support units back to Robin Hood's time to search for the fabled document-possibly the Holy Grail.

But as a war begins to brew between King Richard and At 21, her age and her unladylike interest in automatons have sealed her fate as an undesirable marriage prospect.

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But a devastating plague sends Alice off in a direction beyond the pale-towards a clandestine organization, mad inventors, life-altering secrets, and into the arms of an intrepid fiddle-playing airship pilot. Read more 2. And it's essential reading. Computer genius Jeremy Stillwater has designed a machine that can predict Evil Mathias and his ruthless Anarki army are on a bloodthirsty hunt for the Doomsday Diary. Sabelle must guard the potent book with her life -- and Ice vows to protect the beautiful witch with his.

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Duty demands that Sabelle deny her lover's fiery call of possession and mate with a man who can sway the magical Council against the impending rebellion. With the fate of magickind hanging in the balance, will she forsake the burning desires she can't ignore or turn her back on her people for the courageous man she can't resist? Tempt Me with Darkness. He's an immortal knight hungering for satisfaction As soon as Marrok sees Olivia Gray's dark windswept hair and burning violet eyes, he's sure they've met in eons past.

He's felt her soft gentle curves writhing in pleasure beneath his own hard powerful body For centuries, towering Marrok, once the mightiest of King Arthur's warriors, has endured a terrible curse cast upon him when he spurned the witch.

She's a modern woman about to discover ancient magic Olivia shares a mystical -- and irresistible -- connection with brooding Marrok. Soon after the sexy warrior appears in her erotic dreams, he abducts her, demanding she uncurse him.

Their intense passion is more powerful -- and intimate -- than either of them has ever known. Olivia may be the key to unlocking the diary that will break Morganna's hold on his life. But in the wrong hands, the book also holds the power to destroy all magickind. As they search for answers, a ruthless wizard returned from exile is building an army of evil. When he discovers Marrok and Olivia have the diary, only their love -- with the help of a powerful group of magical Brethren -- can save them.

More in paranormal fiction. Book After her two best friends marry a blood-sucking vampire and furry-faced werewolf, Corinne D'Alessandro is making a vow of her own: NO interspecies dating. But when her editor asks her to investigate "leprechaun" sightings, the sassy New York reporter finds herself on the trail of the hottest story of the year—and the sexiest man alive Touch If You Dare.

Stephanie Rowe.

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Mercy Burns. Book 2. Now something will put her powers to the test.

Series: Doomsday Brethren Series

But how can Mercy help when she herself is a target? But can even Death keep Mercy alive for long enough to find her answers? Black ops agent Solomon Judah awakens caged and bound in a twisted zoo where otherworlders are the main attraction.

The monster inside him yearns to kill her on sight, even though she holds the key to his escape. Only, Solo is different—he protects her. But as hostility turns to forbidden romance, his feelings for her will be used against him Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend. Linda Wisdom.

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